Web Style Guide

A guide to using the Wake Forest University template and Content Management System (CMS)


Social Media

The standard set of social media icons are shown in their default colors. To use the defaults link to the PNG URLs below. The standard size for social media icons is 32×32. The background color of each icon can be altered within the color standards outlined on the Colors Page. To do so, download the .eps version below and edit as desired. The recommended file format is .png.

Document Links

When inserting a Word or PDF document link into the theme, the following icons can dynamically appear to the right of the document link. To add this to your site, please contact us.

DOC Link IconDOC Link Icon
PDF Link IconPDF Link Icon

Misc. Icons

These icons can be used as supplemental to content provided. If they are being used in conjunction with a link or other content please attempt to position them to the right of the content in line with the Document Links above. The recommended size for these icons is 32 x 32 or less. Like the social media icons above both the png url and eps file have been provided below. The icon colors should follow the color standards outlined on the Colors Page. These icons are licensed for use solely on Wake Forest University websites.