We use more than visuals to communicate the essence of Wake Forest University. The text of our communications should reflect our personality as clearly as our colors and imagery.

Let your messages take on the qualities of our University, both in content and style. For example, Wake Forest is bold and accomplished. Therefore, write in active voice whenever possible. Our devotion to service is noble, which suggests sincerity and honesty. Our personality is inquisitive, so our messaging should be open-minded. Finally, we are intimate and speak as one person to another. Our tone should never be pretentious, but always warm, natural and engaging.

University Style

As a rule, all marketing materials, brochures, flyers, posters, newsletters, newspapers, alumni publications, online content and other campus communications should follow The Associated Press Stylebook. All scholarly articles, Wake Forest Magazine articles, and formal correspondence should follow The Chicago Manual of Style.

Style Guidelines

When referring to our University in print or online communications, use Wake Forest University for the first reference. Afterwards, use Wake Forest.

Do not refer to Wake Forest University as Wake.

Capitalize University in reference to Wake Forest University.

Use the full name, Wake Forest College, for the first reference. Thereafter, use College.

When referring to our original campus in the town of Wake Forest, use Old Campus.

When referring to student housing, use “residence halls,” not “dormitories.”

When referring to the main quadrangle, use Hearn Plaza or the Quad.

When referring to the former Magnolia Court/Plaza, use Manchester Plaza.

Avoid using the possessive form of Wake Forest. Do not write “Wake Forest’s personality is resourceful.”

When referring to either Reynolda Campus chapel, identify it by name. For example, use Wait Chapel or Davis Memorial Chapel, not “the chapel.”

Whenever possible, write in gender-inclusive language. For example, “In time, every student sees the value of his or her Wake Forest education.”

Refer to our campuses as the Reynolda Campus, the Bowman Gray Campus, and the Friedberg Campus.

Use Demon Deacons or Deacons, not Deacs.

Match the following styles when identifying alumni and parents:
John Doe (’06)
John Doe (JD ’06)
Jane Doe (MBA ’06)
Jane Doe (MD ’06)
John Doe (P ’06)
John Doe (’06, MBA ’08)
Jane Doe (’86, P ’06)
Jane (’80) and John (’79) Doe (P ’06, ’08)

When referring to Wake Forest University, or any Wake Forest school name in text, do not format differently from the rest of the text, such as with boldface, larger type size, italics or underlining.